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A documentation by the Austrian
Central Library for Physics
Vienna, 2000-11-09 to 2000-11-14
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Franco Selleri Gregor Weihs Franco Selleri
Theories Equivalent to Special Relativitay

Gregor Weihs
Bellīs Theorem for Space-Like Separation and GHZ
Nicolas Gisin Ian Percival Nicolas Gisin
Test of Relativistic Quantum State Collapse with Moving Reference Frame

Ian Percival

Speakable and Unspeakable after John Bell
GianCarlo Ghirardi Artur Ekert GianCarlo Ghirardi
John Bell and the Dynamical reduction Program

Artur Ekert

The Bell Theorem in Quantum Cryptography
Roger Penrose Bell Conference 2000: the audience Roger Penrose
Quantum State Reduction, Gravitation and Quanglement

The audience
film- & photodocumentation: bertlmann r., fritz g., grüner n., husa g., kiesewetter r., vrtala r.
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