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A documentation by the Austrian
Central Library for Physics
Vienna, 2000-11-09 to 2000-11-14
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Gerard īt Hooft Stig Stenholm Gerard īt Hooft
Quantum Mechanics and Determinism at the Planck Scale

Stig Stenholm
Information and Meaning - How Physical are They?
Alain Aspect Reinhold Bertlmann

Alain Aspect
Bellīs Theorem: The Naive View of an Experimentalist

Reinhold Bertlmann
Magic Moments: A Collaboration with John Bell

Mary Bell Helmut Rauch Mary Bell
Reminiscences of
John Bell

Helmut Rauch

Towards More Quantum Complete Neutron Experiments
Ed Fry Anton Zeilinger Ed Fry
A Novel Definitive Test of Bell Inequalities;

Anton Zeilinger

Bellīs Theorem and Quantum Information
Eduardo de Rafael Bell Conference 2000: the audience Eduardo de Rafael
From Vector Meson Dominance to Large-Nc QCD

The audience

film- & photodocumentation: bertlmann r., fritz g., grüner n., husa g., kiesewetter r., vrtala r.
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