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A documentation by the Austrian
Central Library for Physics
Vienna, 2000-11-09 to 2000-11-14
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Simon Kochen Jon M. Leinaas Simon Kochen
Geometry and Quantum Mechanics

Jon M. Leinaas
Thermal Excitations of Accelerated Electrons
Early History of
Ramamurti Rajaraman David Sutherland Ramamurti Rajaraman
Fractional Charge

David Sutherland
Precursors of the Chiral Anomaly
Charles Bennett Berge Englert Charles Bennett
Storage and Retrieval of Classical Information in Multipartite Quantum Systems

Berge Englert

Quantification and Characterisation of Entanglement
Hans Kleinpoppen Bell Conference 2000: the audience Hans Kleinpoppen
Coherence Effects and Ultrashort Time Correlations of Two-Photon Radiation of the Metastable State of Atomic Hydrogen

The audience
film- & photodocumentation: bertlmann r., fritz g., grüner n., husa g., kiesewetter r., vrtala r.
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