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In action

World War I

On July 28, 1914 Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia and Schrödinger is called up only three days later. On July 26, 1915 Schrödinger's unit is transferred to Gorizia (Görz), where the second battle of Isonzo is drawing to an end. Later  Erwin's is moved to an ambush position near Prosecco. In this somewhat quieter environment he studies Einstein’s new theories for the first time but only slowly comes to appreciate these ideas.

By the end of the war he is back in Vienna which he regards as "a great advantage, because I was not affected by the disastrous backflow of that frayed frontline". Along with the general war turmoil the Schrödinger's face private problems. Both parents are suffering from chronic ailments and their financial situation is strained.