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Fritz Hasenöhrl
(1874 - 1915)

College Years

In the Fall of 1906, Erwin Schrödinger begins his studies in Physics at the Departments of Physics of the University of Vienna, located in Türkenstraße 3. As a student, Schrödinger attends Professor Exner‘s lectures on experimental physics. Scientifically, however, Schrödinger is most influenced by the young Fritz Hasenöhrl.

In his inaugural lecture in the Fall of 1907, Hasenöhrl presents in clear and enthusiastic words Boltzmann‘s ideas. Schrödinger is so impressed by this talk that it shapes his own way of thinking for the rest of his life. After his graduation with a Ph.D. on May 20, 1910, there is no reason to postpone ‘‘the annoying yearlong military service."